I purchased a 1 prop shaft seal from D21 Enterprises in 2009 for my 1971 Sanger shovel nose hydro, oving Violation I had a slight alignment problem which caused me to replace my shaft seal about every 1-2 years. The D21 Enterprises seal has compensated for this issue as it continues to give good service. Additionally, it is a good looking unit that compliments the boat. Moving Violation is a current NJBA record holder and is used frequently as a lake and race boat. I would highly recommend this shaft seal to anyone.
Mike Frey
Moving Violation

I have been running drag boats for 32 years this is the FIRST TIME I e found an prop seal that doesn leak! Also having a bearing in there to support the shaft is great "MILSPEC" quality! Thanks Phil.
Wayne Herbert
K-50 Coldfire

We have been using the D21 roller bearing 1 1/8 Shaft Log Seal in our boat for four seasons now with shaft speeds in excess of thirteen thousand RPMs. ZERO problems! Great product!!!
Tony Leaman
2011, NJBA 8 Second High Points Champion

Having been around boats my whole life, there are something's that you just deal with. Leaky prop shaft seals are one of those things. It can be a battle trying to keep a seal to live at 12,000+ rpm's. With the new design by D21 Enterprises the problem is solved. The bearing seal Phil makes is one of the highest quality parts to come on the market in a long time.
Ryan Heiser
K323 K-Boat

Thanks Phil for the new prop seal !! The machining is so clean. It is a great upgrade from the old cast version that came with my boat. Thank you also for your great customer service. There was no way I would have been able to replace the damaged seal myself and your quick turn around made it possible to be back on the lake in no time. Thanks again for a great product and awesome service!!
Jordon Owen
1982 21 Schiada River Cruiser

I use only D21 Enterprises components because they are precisely built to perform in highly stressed racing applications where the dependability factor is paramount.
Denny Valdez
Hustler Racing Team #197
US National Champion
National Water Ski Racing Association

My prop and rudder seals have been working awesome all summer thanks to D21 seals... no more water in the boat after extended use! I've left the boat in overnight a few times and it's dry the next day. I shoot some grease in there every now and again and that's it. I am really digging this setup. It's one of those things that get more bitchin' as the time goes on. No more messing around with rope seals, a quarter turn here, a cotter pin there... this is the setup!
Jeff Polley
1974 Spectra 24XS

I would like to say that I installed one of D21 1" prop shaft seals this past weekend. It is a very nice piece and it cured my water problem. The quality of construction is very nice. This winter I will be ordering a cavitation rod seal also.
Thanks Phil for the quality shaft seal!!
Thank you,
Billy Eakins
Brazos River Rat
Cole TR-4
555 BBC on E-85